About us

We are Pixel Division

And we know that a good idea is not enough.
That is why we are dedicated to turning your projects into the reality with which your users will interact.


We are techlievers

We believe in the transformative power of technology and put it at the service of companies, agencies and consultants that only settle for providing a great experience through their products and digital campaigns.

Each project has different needs and in Pixel Division we are prepared to help our clients to detect them and transform them into opportunities for their business.

Rubén Lahera

The final result is what people are going to see and value. That’s why we don’t just help companies; We also develop projects for agencies and consultants.

Ana Fernández
Ana Fernández Product Manager, PIXEL DIVISION

We develop all our work based on the” Pixel Perfect “concept so that each part of the webpage or application is optimally integrated, always offering the best and the same experience for users in any type of browser and device.

Álvaro García
Álvaro García Full Stack Developer, PIXEL DIVISION

We integrate Scrum in the management of our projects. Scrum is a framework for agile software development, adopting an incremental development strategy, rather than just planning and pure product execution.

Alfredo Maíz
Alfredo Maíz Product Owner, PIXEL DIVISION